We Do not Teach, We Educate
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Principal's Desk

Ms M Usha Rani

“Education is not the filling of a pail But rather a fire that grows beyond control, With flames that burn and reach high, And contribute the pieces of your whole. Live a life of learning,

Be a student through and through, Let your flames burn bright, And aspire to maximize your Education”

Time is precious and every second spent and gone by also leads to introspection and to assess the moments gone by with its achievements and feel rejuvenated to build on our strengths and overcome our short comings. It is also time to plan enhance our teaching methods and introduce ideas that will make a change as we herald what promises to be an exciting times ahead as we to strive for excellence.

As principal of APS RK Puram, one of the leading senior secondary school in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad imparting quality education at affordable cost I am delighted with what we all have achieved together with our commitment and hard work.

Our vision of affordable quality and contemporary education has been tested over the years, proved to be effective and successful time again. As we move ahead, we need to continue to stress on Respect for intellectual excellence, restoration of vigor and discipline to our ideas of whole education which aims at strengthening intellectual fiber and stretching the power of young minds with personal commitment and responsibility: the prerequisites of happiness and sanity for all mankind.

The scientific and technological advances of the contemporary world have contributed much in the education sector. The challenges thrown open to the educators are so dynamic and so forceful that they need to be vigilant to upgrade their skills and ensure stress free learning. We can proudly herald our arrival to meet these challenges by our sheer hard work and commitment. Quality education is the only way to national development, survival and contributing to a better world order. Good education is a process of developing the human personality in all its dimensions intellectual, physical social, moral and spiritual and this can be achieved only through the collective effort of all the stake holders as a whole.

  Jai Hind.
God Bless