School Details


  • A Holistic Personality Development Workshop was held on 28 & 29 April 2014 in Navdeep Hall,AOC Centre. It was conducted by Mrs Nirmala Tambe,Retired Principal of APS Kirkee.
  • The following areas were dealt by her in a detailed manner:
    • Leading and managing change.
    • Planning a theoretical framework for development of curriculum.
    • Various tools and techniques for assessment and evaluation were discussed in great detail.
  • The tips to be followed by the school to develop the personality of each and every student who pass through the portals of any APS were told to us.
  • The teachers were divided into six teams and a topic of their choice was made into a presentation by each team, keeping in mind all the parameters / guidelines given by Mrs. Tambe.
  • The workshop came to end with passing of the lighted candle through all the facilitators and an affirmation prayer promising to carry forward the thoughts shared in the Holistic Development Workshop.