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1. The minimum percentages/grades for different streams for admission to cass XI are given below. Meeting the eligibility criteria on account of minimum percentages. It does not however guarantee admission. Admission will depend on relative merit and availability of seats. No special weightage will be given for any stream to any student :-
S No Stream Science Maths English
(i) Science with Maths B2 / 61-70 B2 / 61-70 C2 / 41-50
(ii) Science without Maths B2/ 61-70 B2 / 61-70 C2 / 41-50
(iii) Commerce with Maths - B2 / 61-70 C2 / 41-50
(iv) Commerce without Maths - B2 / 61-70 C2 / 41-50

* Actual grades for above mentioned subjects will be considered for admission criteria into class XI but not upgraded grades

2. Available groups in class

(a) Science Stream
(i) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices (MPCIP)
(ii) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics (MPCE)
(iii) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education (MPCPE)
(iv) Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics Practices (BPCIP)
(v) Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education (BPCPE)
(vi) Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry (MPBC)

(b) Commerce Stream
(i) Commerce, Economics and Informatics Practices (CEIP)
(ii) Commerce, Economics and Maths (MEC)
(iii) Commerce, Economics and Physical Education (CEPE)

(c) Humanities Stream
(i) History, Political Science, Economics & Physical Education

3. Application forms will be made available from 05 Jun 2017 to 12 Jun 2017 between 09:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Last date for submission of duly filled in Application form is 12 Jun 2017.

Class XI Admission list for selected students will be displayed on 15 Jun 2017.

NOTE : Students who have been given provisional Admission in Class XI in the month of April have to submit class X Internet marks print out in the school office before 12 Jun 2017 to allocate the stream & to regularize the admission as per the merit.

A separate list will be put up for students who have been given provisional admission

1. Notice Board, Army Public School RK Puram
2. HQ Andhra Sub Area (Edn)
3. HQ AOC Centre