Ms K Damaris

‘Where Academic Excellence is Legacy’

Quoting from Erma Bombeck poem equating children to kites:

We spend years trying to get them off the ground. We run with them until we are breathless. They crash ……they hit the roof…..we patch, Comfort and assure them that someday they will fly. Finally they are airborne. They need more strings and we keep letting it out. They tug and with each twist of twine, there is sadness that goes with joy.

“The kite becomes more distant, and we know it won’t be long before that beautiful creature will snap the life line that binds us together and will soar….. Free and alone. Only then we know that we have done our job”.

We as educators play an important role in the lives of the students. We dedicate and inspire the students to aim high and achieve their goal successfully.

I deem it my honor and pleasure to acknowledge the fact that Army Public School R.K Puram strives to produce competent leaders by imparting academic excellence along with multidisciplinary skills in the growth of every student who walk into the portals of our school.

With a strategic planning and robust teaching methodology by our experienced faculty members we have performed excellently well in all fields.

Adhering strictly to the CBSE CCE curriculum we groom our students with right attitude, good soft skills, excellent communicative skills and experiential academic learning.

Following the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) we have four formative assessments and two summative assessments where the learners are encouraged to involve themselves in various class room teaching learning activities and a positive feedback on their performance is given enabling them to develop into holistic individuals Keeping our main focus areas i.e. communication skills & Technology Aided Learning in view, we impart innovative technology based learning in the classrooms.

In addition to the above we lay equal emphasis on developing in the learner’s over all personality by promoting Co-curricular activities and encouraging the students to take part in all the activities which not only inculcate good values but also make them into better humanistic citizens of this great country.

In the end I would like to conclude that, we aim at achieving competent individuals through transparent academics providing conductive atmosphere for the overall development of the students. God Bless.