1Ms K Damaris, Principal
2Mr A Srinivas, PGT (Physics) (Reg)
3Ms P Asha Latha, PGT (Maths) (Reg)
4Ms Rani Pillai, PGT (Chemistry) (Reg)
5Ms Sowbhagya Kiran Mai, PGT(English) (Reg)
6Ms Ananta Vijayalaxmi, PGT(Maths) (Reg)
7Ms P Lakshmi , PGT (IP) (Reg)
8Ms Santosh Kumari Varma,PGT (Comm) (Reg)
9Ms Pushpalatha Gali, PGT (English) (Reg)
10Ms Padmaja M Rao, PGT (Economics) (Reg)
11Ms Usha Mani Naidu,. PGT (Phy Edn) (Reg)
12Ms Deepa Soman, PGT(Physics) (Reg)
13Ms S Naliniratna, PGT (Economics) (Reg)
14Ms Minita Prasad, PGT Pol Sci (Adhoc)
15Ms M Madhavi, TGT (Maths) (Reg)
16Ms Beeti Bairagya, TGT (Hindi) (Reg)
17Ms L Vasundhara, TGT (Chemistry) (Reg)
18Ms G Rajarajeshwari, TGT (Hindi) (Reg)
19Ms K Kamala, TGT (Maths) (Reg)
20Mr Shyam Prasad, TGT (Sanskrit) (Reg)
21Ms Sunita Benarjee, TGT(Soc. Sci) (Reg)
22Ms D Swarajya Lakshmi, TGT (English) (Reg)
23Ms Sunita Rautray, TGT (Biology) (Reg)
24Ms Induvadana, TGT (Hindi) (Reg)
25Mr Sanjay Kumar Sharma, TGT(Chemistry) (Reg)
26Ms Narinder Kaur, TGT (Physics) (Reg)
27Dr (Ms) Sudha M Menon, TGT(Counselor) (Reg)
28Ms Paramjeet Kaur, TGT (S.Sci) (Reg)
29Ms A Apser ZA, TGT (Hindi) (Reg)
30Mrs Jameela Begum, TGT (English) (Reg)
31Ms V Sarala, TGT (Maths) (Reg)
32Ms Nooka Ratna, TGT (Maths) (Reg)
33Ms Jaya Singh, TGT (Science) (Cont)
34Ms Sabita Rawat Thakur, TGT(Maths) (Cont)
35Ms Sarita Sirohi, TGT (English) (Cont)
36Ms Anamika Joshi, TGT (S. Science) (Cont)
37Ms Sonali Biswas, TGT (English) (Cont)
38Ms Shijina P, TGT (Maths) (Cont)
39Mr Patan Mansoor Khan, TGT (History) (Cont)
40Ms K Srilatha, TGT(PET) (Adhoc)
41Mr Mahammad Imran, TGT(PET) (Cont)
42Ms Roshini Simon, TGT (English) (Adhoc)
43Ms Vinay Singh, TGT Phy (Adhoc)
44Ms T Rani, TGT Hindi (Adhoc)
45Mrs S Padmavathi, TGT (Maths) (Adhoc)
46Mrs Sunitha Reddy, TGT (Hindi) (Adhoc)
47Mrs Rajnesh Yadav, TGT (Sanskrit) (Adhoc)
48Mrs Anupama Gupta, TGT (English) (Adhoc)
49Mrs Neelam Pathak, TGT(Sanskrit) (Adhoc)
50Ms Puja Singh, (Headmistress) (Reg)
51Ms Aysha Habeeb, PRT (Reg)
52Mr V Arun, PRT (PTI) (Reg)
53Ms Lalitha Krishna, PRT (Reg)
54Ms KS Uma, PRT (Reg)
55Ms B Gayathri Balusubrahmanyam, PRT (Reg)
56Mrs Naveena Singh, PRT (Reg)
57Ms Bindu M Vijayan, PRT (Computer) (Reg)
58Ms R Lakshmi, PRT (Computer) (Reg)
59Ms Archana Issar, PRT (Reg)
60Ms Anjani Reddy, PRT(Reg)
61Ms S Jayashree Raja, PRT(Reg)
62Ms Pillai Minu S, PRT (Reg)
63MS P Kanta Ratnam, PRT (Reg)
64Ms Jeena Mathew, PRT (Reg)
65Ms Eshwara Sujatha, PRT (Reg)
66Ms P Rama, PRT (Reg)
67Ms Daljinder Kaur, PRT (Reg)
68Ms Padmawati K, PRT (Reg)
69Ms P Padmalatha, PRT (Reg)
70Ms Barnali Banerjee, PRT (Music) (Cont)
71Ms S Somananda, PRT (Cont)
72Ms Sri Lakshimi, PRT (Cont)
73Ms Sameera, PRT (Cont)
74Ms Chaitali Dutta. PRT (A & C) (Cont)
75Ms Shikha Basel, PRT (Cont)
76Ms Parineeta Kolhe, PRT (Cont)
77Ms Manjushree Bhattacharya, PRT(Cont)
78Ms Srikala R, PRT (Cont)
79Ms Bhawna Singh, PRT (Cont)
80Dr (Mrs) Jayashri M Katti, PRT (Cont)
81Ms Shincy Vinod, PRT (Cont)
82Ms Vrushali Venkatesh R, PRT (Cont)
83Mr Syed Abdul Samad, PRT (PTI) (Cont)
84Ms Shikha Kumari, PRT (Cont)
85Ms Pooja Kohli, PRT (Cont)
86Ms Anju Bist, PRT (Cont)
87Ms Savarna K, PRT (Cont)
88Ms N Swathi, PRT (Cont)
89Ms T Deepthi, PRT (Cont)
90Mrs Priyanka Jala, PRT (Cont)
91Ms SVB Prasanna Lakshmi, PRT (Adhoc)
92Ms Anuradha Gupta, PRT (Cont)
93Mrs Sirangi Sravani, PRT (Adhoc)
94Ms Neeta Saxena, PRT (Adhoc)
95Ms A Rajini , PRT, (Spl Edu) (Adhoc)
96Mrs Lisa , PRT(Art & Craft) (Adhoc)
97Mrs Jai Swapnah , PRT(Music) (Adhoc)
98Mrs Charu Rawat, PRT (Adhoc)
99Mrs Jyoti Shah, PRT (Adhoc)
100Mrs Namita Gupta, PRT (Adhoc)
101Mrs Anusha Aravind, PRT (Adhoc)
102Mrs Caroline Mary Vaz, PRT (Adhoc)
103Mrs Jagpreet Kaur, PRT (Dance) (Adhoc)
104Ms Mona, PRT(PTI) (Adhoc)
105Mrs Neena Tokas, PRT (Adhoc)
106Mrs Poonam Badathoki, PRT (Adhoc)
107Mrs V Shailaja, PRT (Adhoc)
108Mrs Pratibha Sharma, PRT (Adhoc)
109Mrs Swaranjali N Kadam, PRT (Adhoc)
110Mrs N Usha Rani, PRT(Adhoc)
111Mrs Sangeeta Ghatak, PRT (Adhoc)
112Mrs Rinku Radhika, PGT (Chem) Adhov

Dear parents 

With the news of COVID 19 all around, our kids are just as scared as we are right now.  Our kids not only can hear everything that is going on around them, but they feel our constant tension and anxiety.  They have never experienced anything like this before. Although the idea of being off of school for weeks sounds awesome, they are probably picturing a fun time like summer break, not the reality of being trapped at home and not seeing their friends.
What kids need right now is to feel comforted and loved.  To feel like it’s all going to be ok. 
Make them do exercises to increase their stamina and give them healthy food and Vitamin C to build immunity. 
Play board games and watch movies.  
Start a book and read together as a family.  Engage them in household chores, educate them on conserving water and food and avoid wastage. Help them make your family tree and speak to their cousins and relatives.Do yoga together in the balcony. Have healthy lifestyle. 
Don’t worry about their studies we are engaging them with worksheets and assignments.Also online classes for senior students. 
When we are back in the classroom, we will take care of them .Teachers are experts at this!  Don’t pick fights with your kids .  Don’t scream at your kids for not following the schedule.  Don’t mandate 2 hours of learning time if they are resisting it.
If I can leave you with one thing, it’s this: at the end of all of this, your kid  should be Emotionally, mentally and physically strong to face the world which is more important than their academic skills.  And how they felt during this time will stay with them for long as a memory.
So keep that in mind, every single day to 
Stay safe, stay strong and stay blessed. 
Army public school Ramakrishnapuram.

Source : http://cbseacademic.nic.in/